Second Design Feedback

We presented the website and some of our ideas to our digital culture class, and we got some great feedback. I took notes on my notepad and took a picture to post on our Facebook page:

Some bits of feedback from our in-class feedback session:

  • Have the author and title at the top of the submission (before and after you click on it). The theme we were using made it impossible to change the “by” line to the actual author’s name.
  • How will we generate money to make this sustainable?
  • It’s not obvious that the submissions are pieces—they just look like pictures.
  • We need more description about what we are so when people look at our home page they know what we’re about.
  • Categories need to be more prominent.
  • Have a banner at the top with “Menagerie” on it?
  • Tell submitters that submitting a visual element with their submission (if it’s not already a visual post) will help them get more viewers.
  • Google form for submissions?

After receiving feedback in class about our first design template, we made some quick changes. That night we held a meeting with anyone who wanted to come and hear what our project is and give us feedback.

We changed the template to this one, based on the feedback we received during class. Specifically, we liked this design because it had the title of the submission on the main page (on the other one you had to either hover over the picture or click on it to see the title).

We got some good feedback about our project in general, as well as how this design works and doesn’t work. Check out Nicole’s post for more specific feedback we got.

It was a good meeting because we were able to hear what excited people about this project. A really neat thing was that they were excited—that was some much-needed validation for what we’re doing.

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